Queensland Miaomiao Chinese School 4th Charming Chinese Handwriting event has ended successfully

We are highly grateful for all contribution our administrations staffs making for this event. We also thank all the class teachers for their diligent work and support.

Through this activity, we observed that all our students, from prep to year 12 to adults, made surprisingly progress on Chinese character hand writing. We feel proud of our students who persistently study with us.

Throughout our proud 24 years history, our mission has remained true: to deliver high quality  education and training and to contribute into the development of the multicultural communities we serve. We aim to provide the best education platform for local communities to learn Chinese. We focus on all the four macro-skills: writing, listening, reading and speaking. We train our students to use the language fluently in their daily life. We recruit students from kindy, prep to year 12 and adults. We support them to build solid foundation for their daily communication and further study.

We will grow up together with our students. We wish our students, families and our school all the best.